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Dr. Justine Magambo, Dr. Philipp Schuster, Dr. Eva Maria Bäcker

Dr. Justine Magambo: Justine teaches and resides in Cologne, Germany. She is affiliated to Mbarara University of Science and Technology in Uganda and was a research assistant at the University of Cologne in Germany from 2004 to 2009. She is interested in educational psychology and ICTs and has done expensive research in this field. Since 2004, she has promoted higher education project partnerships, networking and staff development through ICTs. She is founder of EddA Africa e.V (Education & Development Association Africa) and cofounder of the German-African Diaspora Dortmund Conferences. Link to EddA Africa (German).

Dr. Eva Maria Bäcker: Before studying sociology, organizational psychology and ethnology in Munich, Eva successfully completed an apprenticeship at the Hilton International. Today she lives in Cologne and teaches at distance learning universities. Eva is active as a certified trainer for intercultural competence and coach. She does research about Uganda and Gabon. The passionate lecturer studied Web Pedagogies at the Harvard University Extension School in Boston. She is a member of the board of the Cologne-Barcelona City Partnership and EddA Africa e.V. She is founder of the Online-Learning-Group of the University Association for Intercultural Studies in Germany. Link to Education Management (German).

Dr. Philipp Schuster: Philipp is passionate about nature. His mission is to promote sustainable ways of living. He resides in Las Palmas and offers services, like Green Business Development, Project Management, Permaculture Design, Sustainability Assessment and Corporate Social Responsibility. Project „Sunrise“

…developing intercultural competence is like fostering a garden. You need seed, water, wind, … empathy and passion. Then you can develop your competencies and enjoy the growth.