Who is Vicky?


Photo: Maria Tyutina (Pexels)

Victoria, named Vicky, is the fictitious narrator in the guide „Welcome to Africa – Intercultural competence for Uganda“. Fictitious because it reports authentic experiences of Uganda visitors, yet the data protection of the interview persons is to be kept.

The cultural misunderstandings that Vicky reflects are based on real situations that have been recorded and analyzed by Justine Magambo and Eva Maria Bäcker in interviews with German and Ugandans. A name resemblance to the famous lake in Uganda is not entirely accidental. 🙂

In logbook entries, Vicky takes her readers on her Uganda journey, where she gradually receives information about Uganda and develops intercultural competence.

The aim is to better understand the background of cultural differences-and also to take into account the subjective context. It shows you how to identify and avoid critical situations.

With the last page in the book, the story of Vicky ends. Now your personal story can start…

Vicky invites you to come in contact with her. You may have questions about individual topics (e.g. behavior with business partners)? Or would you like to make comments on Vicky’s experiences? Please feel free to use the comment function.

Well, you know Vicky now. And who are you…?

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