Welcome to Africa – Your guide for intercultural compentence for Uganda

Uganda – The Pearl of Africa! Is how Winston Churchill described this landlocked country on the shores of Lake Victoria in 1907. The Republic of Uganda has improved significantly socially and economically since the 1990s. Although within the EU, Germany is now one of Uganda’s leading trading partners, collaborations and investments are, as in many African country, still a big dilemma for many Germans. Prejudices and misconceptions still exist which hinder successful cooperation. The authors of this book aim to change this Know very little about Uganda attitude and endeavor to give German business partners and travellers a realistic picture of Uganda.

While reading this, we would like to pose a direct question to you: Have you ever experienced situations while abroad, where in your opinion, acted correctly, but other people behaved strangely? How did these situations determine your further stay?

If so, then you have experienced the so-called critical situation, which is also referred to in intercultural training as a critical incident. What support would you have needed in such a situation? What information would you have needed?

Referring to the principle of make the familiar strange and the strange familiar, in this book we guide you through authentic stories on how to identify, mitigate and avoid critical situations.

We share with you experiences of a German professional visiting Uganda, whose perception takes an unexpected change. You, the reader, will experience cultural similarities and differences as an observer and step by step, will receive guidance on how to develop intercultural competence for a stay in Uganda.

This book, which will first be published in German, is recommended as a “ warm-up “ and can be read on the flight to Uganda.

Included: Bonus material – A Children’s Guide to Uganda by Justine Magambo.

The Book which was first published in German will appear shortly in English.

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